Temporary structures

Scaffolding services - Temporary structures

Our temporary roofing is probably the best example of our skill and meticulous attention when it comes to erecting temporary structures. We understand how vulnerable your property can be when major work is being undertaken on the roof. Not only do you require a structure which is safe to work on, but also one which protects your property from the elements (as well as unwanted guests). ASA are able to take care of all your roof scaffolding including scaffold alarms, scaffold netting and scaffold sheeting.

We are also able to construct specialist roof scaffolding which allows fast and easy access as well as a safe and secure platform from which to work. This way, materials and equipment can be loaded directly onto the platform where the work is taking place saving you valuable time and money.

If you require a temporary roof or temporary structure of any kind, contact our friendly team today and they’ll be happy to find a solution that not only meets your requirements, but also your budget.